About Us

NLC stands for Narotama Language Center. Launched in 2011, It plays an
important roles in improving International surrounding on Narotama
University by teaching or familiarizing foreign languages. NLC
conducts Narotama English Proficiency test NEPT test, NEPT preparation, provide guidance for Student’s English Club. NLC also endeavors to have
language courses, such as Narotama English Course, Mandarin, German,
French, Japanese and so on. In the future NLC aims to be the host of
language development, and international information center in Narotama
University. Providing a professional service for clients, a
comprehensive information and competent tutors. Narotama Language
Center, “Empower your language skills.”


NLC English Club

This section functioned as a guidance and information center for students who are interested to join NLC English Club and Existing Members.

NLC English Club is organizing students meetings, trainings and workshops to empower their English. NLC English Club operation based on 3 values : From, For and By Us. Independent , Creativity, Loyalty are the attitude needed to be NLC English Club member.  NLC English Club is targeting an output of student who is not only able to speak properly in English but also has positive attitude and critical about his / her environment. Each meeting of NLC English Club will provide English lesson, International culture and uniqueness, discussions and performances. NLC English Club, Empower Your English!

NLC English Club regular meeting is held every Friday at 16.00-18.00 on Narotama University . The classroom used for the meeting will be broadcasted via sms or showed by NLC door flyer on Friday morning, please check the information at NLC office before the class begin.






Yeah…finally the new family has met. Basic ground of what NLC EC is about has been explained. Every members has stated their expectations joining the club. We will try to afford all hope and dreams created that day. I personally think that forming this club and having it operating regularly is like forming a special force, in mission to be an agent of change, especially in improving English surroundings on the campus. Each meeting was very exciting, so much energy and enthusiasm showed on NLC EC members. What NLC EC is aiming, is indeed not an easy task. However, as long as we bear the dream together and share ways to implement it, we shall gain victory. NLC EC Structurals has been chosen..May they are blessed by the willing to give their best for the club. As the Head of NLC, I proudly welcome NLC EC members and wish you enjoy the ride!